Saturday, 28 February 2009

Not Just Any Houseplant

I remember when I lived in the college town San Luis Obispo CA and always had to share apartments with college students even though I wasn't in college at the time. I didn't have a car and my bicycle got stolen, so my roommate offered me a lift downtown because she was moving some of her furnishings elsewhere. So I get in the car with her houseplants in the back and we are driving down Santa Rosa Blvd. when I realize people are honking and pointing and laughing at us. Then I realized her houseplant was a pot plant. And my thought was I'm the type of person that never smoked pot in her life and now I'm going to go to jail for possession. Egads!. Luckily my stop was near and I got out before anything else happened.

What was she thinking?


I remember when I was in High School and I went out into the backyard at night to open the wooden gate to the front yard. The gate was just high enough that I couldn't see over it. I undid the latch and my brother jumped up and yelled from the other side. The next thing I know I'm getting up off the ground. I totally fainted.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

For the Love of Banjo

I remember when I was in high school in Sunnymead CA(now Moreno Valley) when we got a handsome new teacher who played the banjo. After school let out for the day, he would sit on the grass under the tree in front of his classroom and start strumming the banjo. Now of course I knew what banjos were. Even back in the 1970's they were known as a kind of dorky instrument that only hillbillies played. But hearing it up close and personal had an impact on me. I was already taking guitar classes so I could relate to stringed instruments.

The problem was I was supposed to catch the bus home, and they left no later than 20 minutes after class got out. So it was always tricky to listen as long as I could and then try to race for the bus. It's been too many years so I don't remember if I actually missed the bus, but I probably ended up walking home on more than one occasion. For years I wanted to get a banjo. My last attempt was right after I'd bought a mandolin on Ebay. I was about to order a banjo when my boyfriend put his foot down. I hate it when I neglect my dreams because someone else doesn't approve.

I always wanted to be that person that could sit in a park and start playing and singing and people would come out of the woodwork and gather around and listen.